After School Carpool Share:

Drive, Support, Earn!

Welcome to the "After School Carpool Share" program – a unique initiative that brings parents together to create a seamless and supportive pick-up experience for our after school program. We understand the challenges of managing pick-up services and are excited to offer a collaborative solution that benefits both enrolled students and our caring parent community.

  1. Drive, Support, and Earn: As a participant in the "After School Carpool Share" program, you have the opportunity to earn $150/month for every enrolled student you pick up, in addition to picking up your own child. For each student you transport to our center, you'll be rewarded.
  2. Supportive Community: By becoming part of our carpool share, you'll contribute to a supportive network of parents who are dedicated to creating a safe and efficient pick-up system. Share the responsibility and enjoy the sense of community.
  3. Convenience: Our program allows you to pick up enrolled students who attend the same school as your child, eliminating the need for extra trips. Our center is conveniently located within 3 miles from the school.
  1. Enrollment: Sign up for the "After School Carpool Share" program by providing your contact information and your child's school details. We'll verify your eligibility and get you started.
  2. Pick-Up Schedule: Coordinate with us to align pick-up times with your child's schedule. You'll be picking up enrolled students along with your own child, streamlining your routine.
  3. Drop-Off: Bring the enrolled students to our center, just a short distance from the school. Our facility is equipped to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for all students.
  4. Earnings: You'll earn $150/month for each student you pick up and bring to our center. Your efforts in supporting the community will be rewarded promptly.
  • You must be a parent of a child attending the same school as the enrolled students.
  • A valid driver's license and reliable transportation are essential.
  • We prioritize the safety and well-being of all students. As such, a background check will be conducted for all participants.

Join Us Today! Become a part of the "After School Carpool Share" and play an essential role in enhancing the pick-up experience for everyone involved. Your involvement will contribute to a supportive, efficient, and connected community.
Contact Us: If you're ready to join the "After School Carpool Share" program or have any questions, please reach out to us at