Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Welcome to our FAQ page! Here you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you need further assistance, please submit an Inquiry Form which can be found at our Home Page.

Afterschool Program

Are students seperated by grade?
Yes, our afterschool students are separated by grade. Each grade level typically has their own teacher who will ensure that students complete their school homework assignments and are staying on task.

Are there strict pick-up times?
To ensure a conducive learning environment with minimal distractions, we enforce pick-up times. Our pick-up times coincide with break-times, and parents can pick up their students during these times.

How will I know if my student has been picked up from school?
Wonderful question! Optimus has an App. Once a student has been successfully picked up from school, their parent or guardian will receive a notification through our MyOLS app.

When is tuition due?
To ensure smooth processing of tuition payments and timely provision of services, we kindly remind parents that tuition is due before services are rendered. Invoices are generated on a monthly basis, and parents will receive an email containing their invoice on the 20th of each month as a notification that payment is required.

If my student is absent, do I get credit for their absence?
Unfortunately, we do not give credit for absences.

When is the latest time that I can pick up my student?
We promptly close at 6:00 pm, and we ask that parents please pick up their students no later.

Do you provide snacks for students?
Yes, we provide a small snack for students. Snacks are not prepared on-site and are typically prepackaged items such as pretzels, chips, fruit snacks, and other such snacks.

Which schools do you provide pick-up service?
We provide pick-up service for many schools in the Brea-Olinda, Fullerton, and Placentia-Yorba Linda school districts. For specific inquires, please fill out an inquiry form which can be found on our website at Optimus Learning School

Payments and Discounts

Is there a registration or application fee?
No, we do not have any registration or application fees.

Do you have any discounts?
Yes, we have a couple of different discounts that you can take advantage of. For complete details, please visit our Payment Policies Page.

Can I pay tuition by credit card?
We accept credit card payments; however, all card payments are subject to a 4% processing fee.

Optimus Holiday Schedule

What holidays are you open and closed?
Optimus is CLOSED on the following holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the next day (Thursday and Friday), and Christmas Day.
For all other holidays, Optimus is OPEN. For example, Optimus is OPEN on the following holidays: Veteran's Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Columbus Day, Lincoln's Birthday, etc.

Private Tutoring

If my student is absent from tutoring, may I get credit for the class?
We require a 48-hour notice before the class to receive a credit that may be used towards a future class.

Summer Program

Do you provide lunch for students?
As of Summer 2020, we have discontinued our summer lunch program.

What will students be learning in the summer?
Our summer program is designed to prepare students for their upcoming school year. Therefore, students will be previewing the curriculum that they will be learning in the Fall.

Do students get homework?
Yes, students will be assigned homework. Math assignments are expected to be completed daily. Reading and writing assignments are expected to be completed weekly. Teachers will go over class expectations and inform students on how they may access their homework.

If we decide to take a break in the summer program, will my student be able to rejoin?
We understand that during the summer, families will take vacations. Our summer program is flexible, and you may pick and choose the weeks you would like your student to attend.

When is summer tuition due?
Summer tuition is expected to be paid in full upon enrollment.


Do you accept charter funds?
Yes, we accept charter funds if you are a student with one of our approved schools. For a complete list of schools, please visit our Approved Charter School Page.

When does enrollment begin?
Optimus has rolling enrollment. Students may join our program at any time if enrollment has not reached capacity.