Student Level Placement

Based on the enrollment placement test and the recommendation of the teacher, the student will be placed in one of three categories, each of which hold their own goals and give the most customized learning experience possible.

Plan # 1: Struggling Students - For students who have a hard time completing their homework each day, and those who require a lot of extra assistance to complete their work, the teacher will recommend private one-hour lessons 2 – 3 times per week (depending on your budget). A discount will be offered for any private class that you sign up for as a result of teacher recommendation.

Our strategies:
  • School Contact - We personally get in contact with your student's teacher to help pinpoint problem areas in the classroom.
  • Daily Comments - Optimus teachers are required to write daily comments regarding your student's academics and behavior. This will help identify daily academic and behavior concerns. As parents or guardians, you have access to view these daily comments through your student's Optimus Learning School Portal.
  • Worksheets - At Optimus we believe practice and review are important elements in helping your student achieve their academic goals. Students in PLAN#1 will be assigned worksheets to practice and review subjects that are areas of concern.
  • Homework - If a student in PLAN #1 does not finish their worksheets during their time at Optimus, the worksheets are assigned for homework. At home, it is important to encourage your student to complete their Optimus homework in order to ensure that they are actively engaging in their academic endeavors.
  • Evening Class (5:30-6:30 pm) - Struggling students are asked to attend an evening class (at no extra charge) during the 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm period. During this time, an Optimus teacher will provide additional help and address the subjects of concern for your student.
  • Private Lessons - Students who need a lot of extra help to complete their work will receive a teacher recommendation for private one-hour lessons 2 – 3 times per week (depending on your budget). We offer a discount of $5/hr that you sign up for as a result of a teacher recommendation. For example, private lessons for students in 1st – 6th grades are normally $45/hr, but you would only pay $40/hr.
  • Parent Meeting - If you're struggling students are not progressing, then a parent meeting will be requested. The goal of the meeting is to communicate your students’ progress and to give you a chance to ask any questions you may have.

    Our daily goal: Make sure all homework is done correctly before leaving for the night.

Plan # 2: Doing Well Students - Students who are able to complete their homework during the allotted time with little assistance will be encouraged to spend any extra time reading or practicing math through supplemental worksheets.

Our strategies:
  • Complete Homework – Your son or daughter will be expected to complete his or her homework every day. While, of course, our teachers are always ready and available to help, at this level we try to encourage as much independent study as possible.
  • Extra Math Worksheet – If schoolwork doesn’t take up all of your student’s time at Optimus, we have a large archive of math worksheets to help keep your son’s or daughter’s math skills sharp. We keep all of the student’s completed worksheets in a folder at Optimus so that students don’t lose them or forget to bring their folder back. Parents may request to see their child’s folder at any time.
  • e-Learning Reading and Quiz – While we want to encourage our plan #2 students to read and expand their minds, we also want to make sure they are not just wasting time with a book in their hands. To ensure they make good use of their time, students read books we have here at Optimus and take quizzes for comprehension and vocabulary through our online e-Learning school. You will be given your child’s ID and password so that you may access the e-Learning program to see what books your child has read and what scores he or she has received on the quizzes.
  • Enrichment Programs – Students have the option of taking Book Club, Math, Grammar, Writing, and/or Current Events classes. We want our After School program students to be committed to their enrichment classes instead of just taking them for granted. For this reason, we charge a fee of $90 per month for each enrichment class (which is normally $180/month for non after school students). This discounted rate makes these enrichment classes very affordable for our After School students while encouraging students to take the classes seriously, increasing the quality of the class for all students.

    Our daily goal: Make sure each student understands the work they are doing.

Plan # 3: Excellent Students - Those who are doing very well in school and have no problem completing homework without assistance and with very little required correction will be given the option to attend enrichment classes 1 – 3 times per week.

Our strategies:
  • Competition Preparation Classes – There are several national competitions offered on an annual basis, and we strongly recommend that our plan #3 students explore their options and participate in them. We have courses that will help them prepare. These competition classes are provided to our afterschool students at a discounted rate of $90 per month! Furthermore, we will accompany students to the actual competition to show support for our most gifted learners!
  • Higher Grade Classes - At this level, our students can participate in reading, writing, and math classes above their grade level. These classes are provided through group lessons or private, one to one classes. Our higher grade level group classes are $90 per month per class, and the private lessons are $40 per hour.

    Our daily goal: Provide as many opportunities for independent learning as possible.

*The Student Level Placement applies to those students who are enrolled in our Afterschool Program.