Optimus e-Learning Program

What is Optimus e-Learning?

Students who enroll in our program are provided FREE access to Optimus e-Learning. It is our is a reading program that tests a student's reading comprehension and vocabulary. The tests are taken through the Optimus e-Learning website, and students are provided with a username and password that will allow them to access the e-Learning library. The e-Learning library is categorized by grade and contains various digital tests on a variety of popular books. Additionally, the e-Learning website keeps track of students' progress and records when a student completes a test. Feedback from tests is provided immediately.

The e-Learning Difference

At Optimus, we believe that having a strong reading foundation is a base foundation for academic success. Our e-Learning program tests a student's reading comprehension by presenting them with questions that require critical thinking. Students are not merely asked factual questions from their reading; they are asked to delve deeper into the reading to prove that they understood and comprehended the story. Furthermore, students are also tested on their vocabulary. Specifically, the vocabulary that pertains to the particular book they have read. Students are not just asked for the definition of words; they are asked to utilize them correctly in a sentence or identify its correct use. These questions allow students to understand how to use the word in everyday life and not only memorize the dictionary definition.

e-Learning Manual