New Year's Activity to Teach Children Responsibility

January 4, 2021

The start of a New Year is a wonderful time to set goals with your family. Setting and achieving goals is an excellent way for students to learn responsibility, so here is a fun activity to help you get started!

For this activity, it is essential to remember to allow students to choose their own goals. Your guidance may be needed to ensure that students are selecting achievable goals. The purpose of this activity is to instill a sense of responsibility in your kids. Therefore, please keep in mind that students should not feel overwhelmed or frustrated.

Here are some examples of New Year's Resolutions for Students

·      I will make my bed.

·      I will clean my room.

·      I will listen to my parents.

·      I will do my homework.

·      I will do my chores.

·      I will go to bed on time each day.

·      I will limit my time on electronic devices.

·      I will not use my phone at the dinner table.

·      I will be respectful.

Here are some examples of New Year's Resolutions for Families

·      Eat one meal a day together.

·      Help one another.

·      Have more patience.

Furthermore, to ensure your students' success in achieving their goals, please discuss and/or write down what they will do to reach their particular goals. For example, if their goal is to make their bed, have them set a time in the day reserved for making their bed. This way, the goal will seem more achievable and less intimidating, allowing them to accomplish their resolution.

In addition to setting goals, this is also the perfect time to reflect on the prior year. Above, you will find a print-out you may use to write down your reflections and share them as a family.

We at Optimus wish everyone a festive, healthy and safe new year!

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