Self-Care and Wellness for you and your Family

January 14, 2021

Doing activities as a family is one of the best ways to encourage self-care and wellness. Family activities promote memories that will contribute to a healthy living foundation. Here are some ideas that will have everyone excited!

Spending Time Outside

Playing outside is essential for both your student and yourself. Doing outside activities allows students to use their energy in a constructive way that promotes wellness.

Here are some outdoor activities you can do with your family:

·      Family walk

·      Bike ride

·      Hiking

·      Family picnic

·      Sidewalk chalk

Limit Screen Time

Students who are excessively exposed to screens may become easily distracted and less able to focus. It is essential to regulate the time students spend on the screen to ensure that it is constructive to their growth and development.

Tip! Keep all screens out of your student's bedroom.

Plant a Garden

Planting a garden can be a way for students to connect with nature and release stress. Students will learn responsibility by tending to their plants and watching them grow. Planting a garden can be a fun family activity. Everyone can get involved in planting seeds and caring for the plants.

Here is a list of easy veggies to grow!

·      Tomatoes

·      Cucumbers

·      Lettuce

·      Carrots

·      Basil

·      Snow Peas

·      Squash

·      Zucchini

Fun Ways to do Chores

Doing chores can be a drag! Make it fun by making it a family affair. Play some fun music, delegate different tasks to each family member, give incentives to encourage completion of chores.

At Optimus, we know that self-care and wellness are essential in nurturing a healthy and happy family. Family activities encourage friendly and social behavior to support your student in becoming a confident and dynamic individual!

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