How to Motivate your Student to Learn

February 9, 2021

All students have the tools to become good learners, and motivation is an integral part of a student's willingness to learn. It is important to note that learning takes place both outside and in the classroom. In growing a student's motivation to learn, it is essential to nurture their learning every day.

Here are some strategies that will help you motivate your student to learn.

Create a Reading Environment at Home

Reading is an essential element that supports a student's success in learning. Here are some tips to encourage reading at home:

·      Read to your student frequently

·      Have your student read out loud

·      Have a family reading time

·      Fill your home with books, posters, and other reading materials

·      Have your student pick their books

·      Make reading fun

By supporting reading at home, your student will develop a more excellent vocabulary, which will help them comprehend concepts. Good reading habits will also increase a student's capacity in all subjects.

A Sense of Control in Learning

Students should feel a sense of control in their learning. When students feel out of control, they may withdraw, and their willingness to learn becomes diminished. Have your student provide their input in their education.

Open Communication

Ensure that your student feels secure and confident in expressing their opinion about their learning. In creating an open environment, make sure your student feels validated when sharing their opinion.

Focus on your Student's Interests

Please encourage your student to explore subjects that they find interesting. Students are more apt to further learn about topics they are curious about.

Set a Good Learner Example for your Student

Take opportunities to show your student that you also enjoy learning. Discover new information with your student and share your enthusiasm with them. By sharing in the experience, your student will be more open and motivated to learn.


Disorganization can often cause your student to feel overwhelmed and frustrated. Support your student by helping them organize their supplies and assignment. Please be patient and consistent to help them have a habit of organization.

Celebrate Challenging Achievements

Positive reinforcement will help your student stay motivated. Praise finishing a challenging project or doing well on a test. Recognize your student's achievements.

These are just some of the ways you can help motivate your student! Also, if you need academic support, we at Optimus are here to help you! Please visit our website for details about our programs that are designed to support and enrich your student's academic success!

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