Choosing the Right Schooling Option

October 22, 2021

When deciding on the right schooling option for your student, it is essential to ask yourself the following questions: 

  • What are your goals for your student when they graduate?
  • How much of a commitment are you willing to make?
  • What are your priorities in your student's education?
  • What are your student's social and emotional needs?
  • Lastly, is your household in agreement? 

To help guide you in the decision-making process, we have compiled the pros and cons of three education options, home school, private school, and public school.  

The Pros of Homeschooling

Individualized Learning

Parents decide the curriculum and teaching approach for their student's education. Parents can focus on their student's interests in an environment conducive to their learning style and pace.

Flexible Schedule

The flexibility to have year-round school, travel school, mid-day school is up to your household's preference. Your school schedule can fit and adapt to your household's schedule.

Focus on Family Values

Many families who choose to homeschool decide to pursue this option because they can incorporate their family values into the material and education that their student is learning.

The Cons of Homeschooling


Teaching takes time, and your priority and focus will encompass your student's education.


Supplies, curriculum, enrichment, tutoring are all costs that you will need to incorporate.


Areas differ in the resources they provide for their communities. Are resources such as special education, college preparation, or career preparation available near you? If an area does not have adequate resources, students may not receive the support to have a successful academic career.

Less Social Interaction

Homeschool students do not have the same social opportunities as students in public or private school classroom environments. In the classrooms, students interact and work with their peers for the majority of the school day. In a home environment, they may have limited assess to peer social interaction. 

The Pros of Private School

Quality Education

Many private schools offer smaller class sizes, employ highly qualified instructors, and teach advanced grade levels.


Some private schools may offer a curriculum that supports your household's values, and they will be among peers who also hold these values. 

The Cons of Private School

Tuition Cost

Private school is not a viable option for many families because tuition could cost thousands of dollars per student per year. Tuition costs can depend on the neighborhood, and some schools may offer scholarships.

Limited Resources

Some private schools may have limited resources because they are smaller organizations. For example, the private school may not have extracurricular activities or organized sports that interest your student. 

The Pros of Public School

Qualified Educator

Teachers in public schools are required to have certificates as trained educators.

More Resources

The government funds public schools, and thus there are more resources to support students' needs. Students are provided with more opportunities to engage in activities such as music, art, and sports.

Social Experience

Compared to home school and private school, public schools provide students with an enriching peer population.

Low Cost

Of the three options, public schools are free! Students may be asked to purchase supplies; however, the cost of supplies is significantly less than the cost of curriculum or tuition. 

The Cons of Public Schools

Large Class Size

With a large class size, students may not receive the individual attention or support they may need. This may cause some students to fall behind or feel understimulated.

Standardized Testing

Public schools are held accountable through testing. Therefore the teaching in the classroom may focus on test preparation and less on student interests.


Not all public schools are held to the same standard. There are great public schools with excellent and terrible teachers. Unfortunately, though a public school may have extraordinary resources and provide the same curriculum, the quality of education may not be up to par. 

When it comes to education, we all want what is best for our student. We hope that these pros and cons shed some light and support you in finding the most advantageous path for your students' academic success. 

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