At Home Boredom Busters

December 20, 2021

Winter break is a time for students to relax and have fun; however, there may be days where your student will say," I'm bored…." Below you will find a list of activities to engage your student's minds and kick their boredom to the curb. 

Play Some Board Games 

Board games are an excellent way for your student to use strategy, creativity, and cooperation. Here is a list of some fun and engaging games! 


This game is similar to Pictionary; however, instead of drawing, you need to sculpt. Players will be asked to sculpt with their eyes closed, use the object they have sculpted to act out a scene, and do many other activities!


For this exciting game, players are asked to place a card on their heads, and teammates must provide clues to help them guess the card. There are multiple versions of this game, and families can find the best set that fits them.

     Connect 4 Shots

A twist on the classic Connect 4 game, players are given shoot balls and must throw the shoot balls to connect 4! 

Read Some Books 

The break time is the perfect chance for your student to read a book for leisure. Some crowd-pleasing books are the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, The Dog Man series, or the I Survived series. Or maybe even read a book of a movie your student has watched! 

Make Some Smores Indoors 

Bring a fun camping experience indoors with this electric s'mores maker! Your student will be able to make their tasty s'mores!

Electric S'mores Maker 

Build an Indoor Fort 

Using items found around the house: pillows, blankets, chairs, boxes, anything your student can imagine, build a fort together!

For added fun, do some of the above activities in the fort! 

Make a Map of Your Neighborhood 

First, collect the following items, a clipboard, pencil, and paper. After collecting those items, go on a bike ride around your neighborhood as a family. At the end of each block, have your student draw the block. Since they'll be outdoors, this can be a sketch, and at home, you and your student may finish the map together! 

We hope that you find these activities helpful in busting your student's boredom!

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