How to Motivate Your Student

January 27, 2022

As your student’s primary support, we can take many approaches to help build a positive and motivated student. Below you will find some ways you can promote motivation: 

Pay Attention

Notice what your student is drawn to. When students are young, they usually take an interest in items that are neither too familiar nor too complex. As you notice what your student is engaging with, make a note and promote interactions around their interests. 

Promote Curiosity

Allow your student to explore! Have them experience new things and learn. Give them ways to engage with objects such as what you would find in a sensory bin. You can always create a sensory bin with items found in your home or themed for seasons and holidays. Sensory bins allow students to explore hands-on while engaging their senses.  


Playing requires your student to be actively engaged. It also allows them to learn from others and helps reduce stress. Play can encompass various activities such as tag, hide and seek, jump rope, hopscotch, simon says, and many other recess games. 

Have Social Interactions

With the rise of education technology, many students spend more time on their devices than with the company of their family or peers. It is essential to remember that though these technologies are educational, they cannot replace social interactions. For motivation and learning, social interaction promotes a deeper understanding. 

Obtaining Achievable Goals

Effort drives motivation; however, motivation is sustained by success. Students lose motivation when something is too easy or too difficult. Adapt challenges to your student’s abilities. Give students feedback on how they achieved a challenge, and provide them with tasks that challenge them just enough. 

Build Self-Determination

Have your student choose projects or tasks. Look for activities that they have a personal attachment with. When a student chooses something meaningful, they are more engaged and motivated.  

Promote Goals

Rewarding students when they achieve a goal is an avenue that many parents pursue. Providing incentives is not a negative approach; however, channeling your student’s curiosity and interest towards achieving a goal is more advantageous. 

Through the process of promoting your student’s motivation, it is essential to be supportive and empathic. Ensure that you are creating an environment where your student feels free to communicate openly. A strong family bond will support your student’s lifelong motivation.

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