Superbowl Activities

February 10, 2022

It’s almost time for the big game! The Superbowl is going to be in Los Angeles this year! Here are some fun activities that you can do with your family to get everyone into the festivities! 

Play Superbowl Bingo!

What you will need:


Starburst or any type of candy (You will use these as your bingo markers)

Bingo template (at the end of the blog) 

How to play:

1.   Print out a bingo template for all players.

2.   Give each player a pencil to fill out their template.

3.   Here are the words that players may use to fill out their bingo cards:

                     Touchdown    Time Out        Chip Commercial       Fumble

                     Sack              Incomplete     Handoff                     Huddle

                     Field Goal      Pom Poms     Kickoff                       American Flag

                     Mascot           Foam Finger   Interception               Missed Field Goal

                     Coach            Free Space    Soda Commercial      Celebrity Sighting

(Not all words will be used on the card.)

4.   When the big game is on, everyone will need to pay attention!

5.   When you see one of the items on your bingo card during the big game, use a candy to cover the bingo space.

6.   The first person to get four in a row wins! 

This is an excellent activity for the whole family! Parents can teach their students vocabulary associated with football, and bingo will encourage active viewing of the Superbowl! 

Design a Pennant Flag!

Many teams have flags for their fans to wave, and now it’s your turn to create a new one for your favorite team! 

What you will need:

Markers         Crayons         Colored pencils

Pennant Flag Template (at the end of the blog) 


1.   Print out the pennant flag template.

2.   Use your design skill to draw and color your pennant flag. 

Make Football Cupcakes!

This is a yummy sweet that you can enjoy during the Superbowl! 


Cupcake mix (any flavor you like)

Eggs (look at the ingredients you will need on the box of cupcake mix you bought)

Oil (look at the ingredients you will need on the box of cupcake mix you purchased)

Football decorations

Mini flag decorations

Frosting (white)

Green food coloring

Cupcake liners 


1.   Take your cupcake mix box and read the directions.

2.   Make sure you preheat your oven to the desired temperature.

3.   Mix your cake mix with the ingredients (eggs and oil)

4.   Line your cupcake pan with cupcake liners

5.   Place some batter in each liner

6.   Follow the instructions on the box and bake your cupcakes

7.   Let your cupcakes cool.

8.   While your cupcakes cool, we will make the frosting

9.   Open the white frosting and add a couple of drops of green coloring

10. Mix your frosting

11. Add more green coloring to get the green you like!

12. After your cupcakes are thoroughly cooled, it's time to frost them!

13. Take the green frosting and frost each of your cupcakes

14. Time to decorate!

15. Take one football and one mini flag and place them on the cupcake

16. Now your cupcakes are done!

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