5 Educational Websites

September 23, 2022

Children have become attached to any and all electronic devices and would rather play with them than do anything else. However, what if you could allow your children to play on their electronic devices and learn without even knowing it?  

If you look into any of these five websites, it will allow your child to play a game on the internet and learn while doing it!  

1.   Readworks  

Readworks is a wonderful site for students to learn reading comprehension with a variety of articles for students to read. Once the student reads the article, they will be asked multiple choice questions and given selected vocabulary picked from the article.  

Once your child types in they will have access to hundreds of fiction and nonfiction articles to test their reading skills.  

2.   Cool Math Games  

Cool Math Games is an amazing website that contains hundreds of games to help students learn and maintain any type of math skill. Math can be such a challenging subject for some kids so using Cool Math Games is a great way to learn the subject and have fun while doing it.  

Once your child types in, they have access to hundreds of games. All the games on the website have a blurb and title to explain which math skill or strategy they will use in the game.  

Cool Math Games is a fun way to learn and practice any child’s math skills!  

3.   Starfall  

If you have a child that is in the 3rd grade or below, Starfall is the website to go to. This website allows the students in the 3rd grade and under access to hundreds of games that improve their math or reading skill. Starfall is also a wonderful website for students in preschool or below to get ready for their academic journey in elementary school.  

Starfall is a free and easy way for students to learn and have fun safely on the computer.

4.   ABCya!  

ABCya is a free and wonderful website for students in grades from kindergarten through sixth grade. This website has separated all their games according to grade level so that parents can have an easier time choosing the right game for their students. The website also has many different types of games ranging from multiple subjects so your student can have fun in whatever subject they need help in. 

ABCya is a fun and quick way to get your child to study!  

5.   Fun Brain 

Fun Brain is also a great educational website for children of any age. Fun Brain is a free website that contains not only games but educational videos and free books as well. This website labels all its content with grade level so that parents can see which game, video, or book is suitable for their child.  

Fun Brain is not only a great website for games, but for videos or electronic books as well.  

Any of these websites are a great choice to get your child learning and having a great time while doing it!  

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