The Importance of Literacy

December 9, 2022

Everyone understands the importance of reading; however, not many know how reading can contribute to a student’s development and success in their education. So how early can you start your student’s path to reading success? Studies show that reading can begin when your student is an infant. Reading to your student at this age has been shown to help support their reading development.  

Here are some specific ways that reading impacts your student’s development. 


Students who understand the importance of reading develop increased focus and concentration levels. Reading allows students to concentrate on the story in front of them. They are provided the opportunity to think about the topics within the story and to focus on the book even when they have read it to completion. The ability to concentrate will support their learning in a classroom setting. Students will be able to focus on the lesson taught with minimal distractions.  

Analytical Thinking

Books allow students to explore and solve problems vicariously. Characters in books are faced with challenges that they must overcome. As the student reads their stories, they are allowed to think about the character's actions and compare them to their own.  


Reading allows students to exercise their memory. When a student reads a book, they must remember the characters, actions, and settings to follow the flow of the story. As books become increasingly complex, the number of characters, actions, and scenes may become more intricate. In a book series, students must remember what happened in the previous book to understand the next one. 


Readers are exposed to a wide range of vocabulary. As they read, the words slowly get incorporated into their daily speech. Students who are avid readers spend less time finding their words, and this supports their writing in their daily and academic lives.  

Personal Development

Students who develop their reading skills have a better understanding of the world around them and are able to express themselves. They grow confidence in speaking, writing, and exploring new knowledge topics. This personal development supports a student's academic career because they can inquire into educational topics confidently.  

At Optimus Learning School, we understand the importance of reading. We have programs and classes that provide support for early readers and advanced readers. Some of our early-reader classes include an introduction to the alphabet, sight words, and phonics. Furthermore, our classes for advanced readers include book club and critical thinker’s writing. For complete details about our programs, please visit our website at

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