How to Help Students Discover Their Hobbies

December 16, 2022

Hobbies allow students to pursue something they love and provide a mental escape from daily routines. Additionally, hobbies enable students to be socially engaged with others who love the same hobby. Furthermore, hobbies allow students to improve their mental and emotional well-being by allowing them to experience confidence and mastery in their pursuits. 

So how can we support our students in discovering a hobby they love and enjoy? In this blog, we will go over some tips that will allow you to help your students find activities that will give them inspiration and joy. 

Keep it Easygoing

In your students' pursuit of finding their hobby, remember to keep in mind that students will often change their minds. What your student is interested in now may change over time. Allow your student to choose their hobbies and interests. Ensure a supportive environment with open communication, so your student does not feel pressured. Essentially it is important to understand the difference between when your student is just not interested versus giving up. 

Keep an Open Mind

Notice if your student is taking an interest in an activity or subject. Many students want to reflect their parent’s eagerness and excitement; however, it may not be their own. Do not be upset if your student does not enjoy the same hobbies as you or is interested in an activity that holds no interest of your own. Remember, your student is their own person, and our responsibility is to support your students in their endeavors positively. 

Keep it Fun

Reflect on activities that your student enjoys. Are they interested in animated movies? They may want to learn how to draw animated characters. Try to encourage activities that delve into subjects that they have already shown an appreciation for. Additionally, trying something new can always be exciting, so have your students venture into activities they may never have thought about before. 

Learn from Dislikes

Remember that your student will only like some hobbies that they try. Learn from these dislikes and have a conversation with your student about why they disliked that activity. After these conversations, you can remove these dislikes from the potential hobby list. Discovering dislikes are a crucial way to find the hobbies that your students will relish. 

Hobbies allow your student to become a well-rounded individual. At Optimus, we understand the importance of creativity and provide students with various opportunities to explore their ingenuity. Optimus Learning School offers art classes where students learn about different artists and media. Coding classes are where students are provided the opportunity to learn how to code and create their own computer applications. Furthermore, Optimus Learning School offers foreign language classes where students learn to speak, write, and listen to Korean or Chinese. For complete details about our classes and programs, please visit our website at

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