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February 14, 2023

One of the significant obstacles that parents confront is supporting their students with their homework. Today, teaching methodology has changed, and the majority of students are learning common core. Below, you will find some tips to help you assist your student with their daily homework assignments.  

Make Homework a Priority

At home, instill the understanding that homework is essential. Homework helps a student understand the content taught at school and builds self-confidence. When your student is completing their homework assignments, make sure you, as a parent, are not doing activities that oppose your student’s pursuit. 

Limit Distractions

Establish a homework area for your student. This area should be away from the television, loud noises, and pets. This area should also be where people need to consistently enter or exit. Additionally, all homework materials should be readily available to limit your student from constantly leaving their seat. 

Time Management

In your home, institute a set time for your student to do their homework. This time should not be right before bedtime. Additionally, use some time during the weekend for long-term assignments or projects. Having a set time for homework will build a habit that will ultimately support their current and future academic endeavors.  

Build Decision-Making Skills

In completing homework, students are faced with multiple assignments. Here students must build the skill to decide what tasks to finish first. Ask your students what assignments they must complete and communicate what items they should complete first. It is essential to have students communicate what they believe they should achieve first and express reasons as to why they feel this item is the priority. Some students may feel completing complex assignments first should take precedence. Allow students to pursue their decision-making; however, ensure this process is beneficial. 

Break Time

Keep an eye on your student while they are completing assignments. Notice if your student is frustrated or losing motivation. Make sure your student is not burning out or harboring resentment toward homework. Allow your student to take short breaks if you see them exhibiting this behavior.  

Sometimes it may be challenging to establish this environment and habits at home. At Optimus Learning School, our afterschool program allows students to complete their assignments in a distractions free environment where they and their peers are all working towards their academic success. Our teachers assist students with their homework and are here to answer any questions they may have on assignments. Additionally, our goal is to ensure that all homework is completed and that students understand the material taught in school. For details about our afterschool program, please visit our website at

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