Art Projects for Spring

March 28, 2023

Spring is finally here! To help celebrate the coming of spring with your kids, check out these three art projects based on the themes of spring and nature!  

Tissue Paper Flowers  


-Tissue paper squares (Various Colors)

-Glue sticks

-Flower Template (They can draw a flower as well)

-Mixed Media Paper/Cardstock  


1.   Have the kids use the flower template to draw or have them draw a flower that covers the entire surface of the mixed media paper or cardstock.

2.    Use the tissue paper like markers and glue them to the empty parts of the flower.   

Coffee Filter Butterflies  


-Coffee Filters

-Washable Markers

-Chenille Stems (pipe cleaners)

-Pony Beads

-Zippered Bags – Gallon Size

-Spray Bottle filled with water 


1.   Flatten out a coffee filter on top of a gallon size zippered bag. 

2.   Draw random designs on the coffee filter with a variety of colors.

3.   Mist coffee filter with water from a spray bottle and then let dry completely. 

4.   Set aside to dry but it’s super fun to watch the colors mix and blend!

5.   Create two tie-dyed coffee filters for each butterfly. 

6.   Fan fold two coffee filters to create each butterfly.

7.   Stack fan folded coffee filters on top of each other.

8.   Fold chenille stem in half and place coffee filters one-third from base. 

9.   Twist the bottom loop of the chenille stem.

10. Twist once above the folded coffee filters, creating a tight section. 

11. Leave a ½” loop and twist again to create the butterfly head.

12. Leave the antennae straight.

13. Open and fluff out the wings of the butterfly. 

14. Pinch at the ends to retain the folds.

15. Thread a pony bead on the end of each antennae and curl into a swirl.  

Flower Garden 


-Construction paper (Various Colors)

-Glue sticks



1.   Have kids cut construction paper into the following shapes:

a.   Long, skinny rectangles (stems)

b.   Triangles (petals or leaves)

c.    Circles and ovals (petals)

d.   Leaf shapes (um, leaves)

2.   Have kids use the different shapes of construction paper to make flowers and stick them onto the cardstock.

3.   Repeat until they have a MASTERPIECE!  

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