Junior High Common Core Math Standards Used Here!

August 24, 2016

As many are well aware, our mission statement here at Optimus Learning School centers on encouraging our students to become critical thinkers. We believe much the same can be said of the new Common Core math standards being put into action not only here in Brea, Fullerton, Yorba Linda, and Diamond Bar, but in cities across the country. Having recently implemented Common Core standards in every elementary level Optimus math classroom, we have now set our sights on doing the same in all of our middle school classrooms.

Ensuring that we are offering insight into our student’s at-school experience is a key component to studies here at Optimus. We want to be sure that we are pointing all of our students in the right direction to excel in their present and future school classes. To do this, we’ve taken the time to understand what an ever changing math classroom looks like. This is where our desire to adopt Common Core standards comes in. Under Common Core math standards, the simple task of coming to a correct answer is no longer a student’s only goal. A deeper understanding of mathematics is now crucial, and with the inclusion of middle school math Common Core standards, Optimus hopes to foster knowledge in all of its middle school aged students to thrive in a math classroom built around the Common Core mindset. Utilizing the very same textbooks used by our local middle schools, our program is tailored to offer invaluable help to all of our sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students. With the inclusion of Common Core curriculum for not only sixth, seventh, and eighth grade math, but also Algebra I and Geometry courses, Optimus can help even the most advance middle school students to gain an even more complex understanding of Common Core mathematics.

Fostering critical thinkers is a goal we set out to achieve from the beginning here at Optimus, and we have seen our goal achieved in many of our students. Education is not a static entity. It grows and changes regularly, and the new Common Core standards are a prime example of that. If we here at Optimus hope to continue developing critical thinkers, our only hope is to grow and change along with the at-school classroom. Call, click, or come in today, and ask us about our middle school Common Core math program!

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