College Preparation

College Application / Early Admission

At Optimus, we are here to provide you with the best possible opportunity to gain entrance into the college of your choice by completing your application for you. Whether you want to attend an Ivy League school or a UC, we will apply for admission to the school of your choice. At Optimus, we want to make your transition to higher level education as easy and as memorable as possible. Let us take the stress of college applications off of you by letting us complete your application to a top college.

We can even take care of your Early Admission application for you. The application can be submitted to the College of your choice while you are still attending High School. This type of application is very important because you can only submit one Early Admission application to the school that you want to attend. Let us help you with your pursuit of a great college experience by helping you get into the college of your dreams!

FAFSA / Financial Aid / Scholarship

At Optimus, we understand that college is quite expensive these days. We can search for the best methods to pay for the college of your choice. We can submit a FAFSA (free application for federal student aid) to see if you are eligible for government help with your college tuition. Federal subsidized and unsubsidized loans may also be an option. With a subsidized federal loan, the government will pay the loan’s interest while you are attending school. With an unsubsidized student loan from the government, you will be responsible for the interest on your loan but will have the option of deferring payments until after graduation. Additionally, you may be best suited for a Parent Plus loan or Perkins loan. Optimus can help you find the most beneficial way to help you fund your college journey.

There are scholarships available if you meet certain requirements, and at Optimus, we will find you the scholarships that you qualify for. Scholarships that are offered are most often related to your racial or financial background, field of study, sports, skills, interests, achievements, or other attributes--not only your G.P.A.. There are many opportunities for scholarships, and we will find the ones that can help you lessen the financial burden that is associated with attending a top college. Grants are another option you may have. Grants are a great way to make sure you finish college with as little debt as possible. When we file your FAFSA application, you will be informed of every possible grant that you qualify for.

Personal Statement

When you choose the college that you want to attend, we will help you write your Personal Statement. The purpose of a personal statement is to show college admissions who you are as a person. This gives them a better idea of whether or not you would be a good fit at their school. This is an essay that is part of your application package and will be sent to the college you are applying to. When writing your personal statement essay, we will focus on two important items that most admission officers look for: 1). Providing evidence of your achievements that are not reflected in other parts of your admission application, and 2). How and why the events that you describe have shaped your attitude, focus, creativity, and intellect.

Community Service

Nearly all high schools in California now have a community service requirement included. This means that a certain number of community service hours must be performed and recorded by the time students reach the end of their senior year. For most students, school schedules only become more hectic the closer they get to graduation. So, we always recommend that students begin working on their community service hours during their freshman year and complete them as soon as possible. We can help students get these hours in a consistent, reliable way. Join an Optimus instructor once a month to complete 4 hours of community service. At the end of the year, students will receive a certificate from Someone Cares Soup Kitchen for their completed hours. This is an easy, fun, and meaningful way for students to fulfill their community service requirement.

College Counseling & Application ($5,000)

OLS College Application includes:

  • UC (3) & CSU (3) Application
  • Five (5) Private College Application
  • FAFSA & CSS Profile
  • Personal Statement