Book Club

Baby Genius (Pre-K)

Alphabet Mastery
We all know how crucial a strong foundation is when building language skills. In this class, we start with the basics and make sure students master the ability to identify, sound out, and write each letter of the alphabet through a variety of activities that engage multiple senses for better memory retention.

Pre-K Baby Genius Tuition

2 hour / week: $160 / month
Tentative Schedule: Monday and Wednesday 3:00 - 4:00 pm

OLS Reading Program

Little Genius (Kinder)

In phonics we offer beginning readers the strategies they need to sound out words. For example, kids learned that the letter B has the sound of “b” as in “ball.” They learn to blend letter sounds together to make words like bed, bat, and bug. They read short stories and trace words below the sentences to engage memory retention.

Sight Words
Building a child’s sight word recognition skills is important for reading skills. In this class, we start by exposing your child to a wide variety of sight words in their environment. We emphasize pronouncing the words aloud and with repetition. We like to use multi-sensory activities to make sure the child remembers these sight words.

Aesop’s Fables Picture Books
Students read Aesop’s Fables with illustrations to practice their reading skills, but also learn important lessons and morals. Students can use the illustrations to recognize their written word.

Kinder Little Writers Tuition

2 hour / week: $160 / month
Tentative Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday 3:00 - 4:00 pm

OLS Reading Program

1st - 2nd Book Club

Our lower elementary-level book clubs foster an enjoyment of reading while strengthening students’ reading skills. At this beginning level, we focus on vocabulary and understanding. Students often perform an activity in class that is connected to what they read in order to help them better understand the book or its characters. Students will also get feedback on their comprehension and vocabulary homework in class.

Picture Books
Through the use of popular picture books by award-winning authors and illustrators, students are exposed to a wide variety of fun and interesting characters getting themselves in and out of all kinds of situations. The pictures help to feed their imaginations and take them to new places.

Aesop’s Fables Short Stories
These stories are a little longer than traditional picture books and encourage students to work up to longer texts. They continue with the same kinds of great lessons and morals learned in our earlier Aesop’s Fables Picture Books.

1st - 2nd Book Club Tuition

2 hour / week: $160 / month
Tentative Schedule: Tuesday 4:00 - 6:00 pm

OLS Reading Program

3rd - 6th Book Club

Our upper elementary-level book clubs increase reading comprehension, broaden students' vocabulary, and help our students begin a life-long habit of reading. Students read interesting novels and, in addition to understanding what is happening in each book, student begin to look at why things happen. The whole class will engage in discussions about the novel and its characters while reviewing comprehension and vocabulary homework.

Classic Short Stories
The work of authors such as the Grimm Brothers and Hans Christen Andersen is most notable remembered through Disney’s classic animated films. At Optimus, we want our students to know where all these fantastic stories originated from. We have created adaptations that are appropriate for younger students, so parents need not worry about the darker elements of the original classics. Through these stories, our students will not only improve their academic skills, but they will also have fun making comparisons between the original stories and some of their favorite Disney movies!

In these upper elementary grades, learning how to navigate non-fiction text can be just as important as the comprehension skills learned from reading fiction works. But, non-fiction writing can often be boring for students. We created the Biography reading option especially for those students. At this age, students can benefit greatly from familiarizing themselves with some of the most popular figures in history. We’ve chosen Americans with some very interesting and impressive back stories.

Greek and Roman Mythology
Not only do we strive to improve reading comprehension in our students, but we also encourage the development of their imaginations. Through one of our most unique classes yet, we offer Greek and Roman mythology that will help them explore the ancien stories of Greek and Roman gods and goddesses and the vivid places they lived.

Fiction Chapter Books
Once students have built up the necessary foundations by reading selections curated by our teachers and carefully chosen for their merit, students are then encouraged to begin making their own choices about which novels to read in a group Book Club class. The class discusses a variety of comprehension questions about what they read and add to their vocabulary.

3rd - 6th Book Club Tuition

2 hour / week: $160 / month
Tentative Schedule: Thursday 4:00 - 6:00 pm

OLS Reading Program

7th - 8th Book Club

Our junior high students often read the classics of the Western canon, including many challenging novels. Junior high students get prepared for the level of vocabulary and comprehension that will be expected of them in high school, while high school students focus on SAT level vocabulary and comprehension skills. There is also a shift in focus to more critical thinking questions. Students complete comprehension and vocabulary homework and are held to a high standard.

7th - 8th Book Club Tuition

2 hour / week: $180 / month
Tentative Schedule: Friday 4:00 - 6:00 pm

OLS Reading Program